Professor Paulo Sergio Pinheiro, Independent Expert,  

UN Secretary General Study on Violence Against Children,

PO Box 48, 1211 Geneva 20 CIC, Switzerland 




Dear Professor Pinheiro,



To prepare the UN Study on Violence Against Children, the Secretary General mandated you to write the Report describing the situation and recommending solutions.


You mandated Unicef Canada to gather information about violence against North American Children. The 49 pages Consultation Document prepared on behalf of Unicef-Canada spent 7 pages on media violence, including suggestions to protect children. The use of media violence has been considered by Unicef Canada as an actual form of violence against children and as members of the civil society, we want to express our support for this statement. 


Unfortunately, Unicef Canada did not mention various promising practices developed here to protect children from massive exposure to media violence. We insist for the inclusion of these practices in the S-G Study. They are described in a document posted on the Child Rights Information Network’s website (CRIN).


The use of verbal and physical violence as entertainment by the media is a very cruel form of child abuse considering the fact that psychological science is used along with enormous amount of financial resources. Despite the fact that it attracts a huge number of children, despite the fact that it is very lucrative form of marketing, well over a thousand studies have revealed that exposure to media violence  desensitizes children to real violence around them. Media violence is also linked with the rise of youth violent crime rate, with the increasing number of children with troubled behaviours, with the rise of school bullying in North America and Europe.  



We dearly hope, Mr. Professor, that your status as an Independent Expert will allow you to include media violence in the S-G Study. Successful efforts made by the civil society here will help parents and child advocates everywhere to find inspiration in these underreported promising practices. 



Please accept, Dear Professor Pinheiro, the expression of our gratitude  for helping children find protection against all forms of violence and abuse. 


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1) UN High-Commissioner of Human Rights, UNOG-OHCHR, 1211 Geneva 10, Switzerland,

2) World Health Organization, Avenue Appia 20, 1211 Geneva 27, Switzerland,

3) Veronica Yates, Child Rights Information Network (CRIN), c/o Save the Children, 1, St John's Lane, London EC1M 4AR, UK, 

4) Unicef-Canada, Canada Square, 2200 Yonge Street, Suite 1100, Toronto, Ontario,  Canada, M4S 2C6,  


5) Unicef Quebec, 1100, de la Gauchetière West, Suite C-21, Montréal, QC H3B 2S2,


6) PEACE, Madame Monique Ouellette, Secretaire-tresoriere,


7) EDUPAX, Violence Prevention, 493 Ste-Julie, Trois-Rivieres, Qc, Canada,