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Prévention de la violence en milieu scolaire

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Recent incidents should serve as "wake-up call" to Ontario government

Ontario PC Party leader John Tory today called on the McGuinty government to hold an emergency summit on youth violence in the first two months of the New Year and appoint an all-party select committee to travel the province to listen to parents and community leaders.
"The province has been rocked in recent weeks by a number of alarming crimes," said Tory. "This should serve as a wake-up call that we need to take serious and immediate action to reverse the current trend among our youth. The McGuinty government has been largely silent on community safety and that ambivalence could make the situation worse."
Incidents across the province in recent weeks, including in Sudbury, Welland, Barrie Kingston and elsewhere have parents concerned. In Toronto, the stabbing deaths of two teens and this weekend's murders of a 23- and 25-year-old have drawn even more attention to the problem. Almost as alarming as the incidents are where they have occurred, including on a bus, at a school and at a restaurant.
Tory called on the government to call an emergency summit on youth violence within the first two months of the New Year to bring together people from law enforcement, the judiciary, educators, youth and parents to act on the situation. The summit itself and what comes out of it should seek to go beyond cameras and safety audits, which the McGuinty government recently announced. While these help measure the problem, they do nothing to prevent it.
Tory also called on the government to appoint an all-party select committee to hold hearings around the province to listen to parents, teachers, students and community leaders.
"Parents across the province are concerned about the safety of their children. We need to listen to them and then act on their concerns," Tory said. "An all-Party committee would help accomplish this and be an excellent use of some of the under-utilized talent on all sides of the Legislature."

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